||   Software upgrade

You can upgrade the Mokibo software using your iPad, iPhone, and Android device via Bluetooth connection only if your Mokibo's serial number starts with 'MCE***'

Please follow one by one.

Upgrade using iPad & iPhone

Please follow this from the Chrome browser.

1. Turn off the power using the power switch on the back of the Mokibo.

2. Find and install 'nRF Toolbox' from the Apple Appstore.

4. Turn on the power of the Mokibo while holding down 'fn' + 'esc' keys simultaneously. 

     (Note: If the LED is not blinking, it is normal. If it is blinking, the software update is not supported.)

5. Select 'SELECT DEVICE' from the nRF Toolbox application. 

6. Select the 'Mokibo update'.

7. Select 'upload'.

7. Please wait until the upload is completed, then press 'OK' 

8. Congratulations. The software update is completed.

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